Information Technology & Applied Systems

The Information Technology and Applied Systems (ITAS) department offers two information technology diploma programs for prospective students to choose from. Both programs were developed in concert with local and global industry input to recognize the rapid growth in the technology sector and need for skilled graduates who can fill the current and projected high demand job openings. Featuring small class sizes and hands on experiential learning, graduates in either program will have the employable skill sets needed to begin their careers working in the tech sector.

Currently ITAS offers two Diploma programs:

Web and Mobile Development Diploma

With the ever-expanding use of the Internet and smartphones, web and mobile developers apply programming skills to design and implement applications that play an essential role in today’s society. Students learn the fundamentals of building full-stack web and mobile applications with technologies such as HTML/CSS, JavaScript/Node.js/React/Vue.js, Java/Android, Swift/iOS, PHP and databases such as MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL and Firestore. Students will learn how to test, secure and deploy applications using various cloud services. This program includes an entrepreneurial component and students will learn how to analyze the needs of a business or organization to develop solutions using web and mobile technologies.

Systems Administration and Networking Diploma 

Systems and network administrators are a key part of the IT workforce. They work with servers, operating systems and the networking equipment that keep company’s operating and online. This includes applications such as e-mail and web server management both in the cloud and in datacenters all while maintaining strong cybersecurity practices.

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